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Version: v0.2

Securely Receive CloudEvents

The Arcus.BackgroundJobs.CloudEvents library provides a collection of background jobs to securely receive CloudEvents.

This allows workloads to asynchronously process event from other components without exposing a public endpoint.

How does it work?#

An Azure Service Bus Topic resource is required to receive CloudEvents on. CloudEvent messages on this Topic will be processed by a background job.

Automatically Invalidate Azure Key Vault Secrets

You can write your own background job(s) by deriving from CloudEventBackgroundJob which already takes care of topic subscription creation/deletion on start/stop of the job.


You can easily implement your own job by implementing the ProcessMessageAsync method to process new CloudEvents.

using Arcus.BackgroundJobs.CloudEvents;using CloudNative.CloudEvents;using Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration;using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
public class MyBackgroundJob : CloudEventBackgroundJob{    public MyBackgroundJob(        IConfiguration configuration,        IServiceProvider serviceProvider,        ILogger<CloudEventBackgroundJob> logger) : base(configuration, serviceProvider, logger)    {
    protected override async Task ProcessMessageAsync(        CloudEvent message,        AzureServiceBusMessageContext messageContext,        MessageCorrelationInfo correlationInfo,        CancellationToken cancellationToken)        {            // Process the CloudEvent message...    }}

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